1. The renting of the house can be arranged orally, by telephone, in writing or by email . After  a confirmation email  has been sent, then the reservation is final and an advance payment of 50% of the agreed sum and the guarantee has to be transferred to our account. On a specific date, the remaining of the total rental price has to be paid on our account. The property can only be hired after full payment of the rent for the entire rental period, specified in the confirmation email.

2. The occupier takes the responsibility of the rental property and the associated territory for the duration of the rental period and undertakes to the owner or his local contact to reimburse all expenses arising from negligence or misuse. Each identified defect will be reported immediately.

3. The deposit (100 €) is to take account of energy and other costs, after staying again returned to the appropriate account number of the occupier.

The deposit is a guarantee of the tenant to the owner.

4. The tenant accepts and respects all guidelines provided by the owner. Guidelines on the spot replace these general guidelines.

5. The tenant and the co-tenants of the house will not produce any form of disturbing or nuisance to the environment. At the request of the owner, any form of noise has to stop immediately.

6. The maximum capacity of the site may not be exceeded, except with the prior express permission of the owner.

7. If the tenant and / or his fellow residents do not behave in the spirit of the renting, the owner is entitled to cancel the lease and to demand that the tenant and his fellow residents leave the house. This measure is taken after the owner urged the tenant and / or his fellowship to stick to the prescribed rules. If, for the above reason, the lease is prematurely destroyed, the tenant may not claim reimbursement of the paid rent.

8. The owner  is not responsible for loss, stealing or accidents. The damage is at the expense and risk of the tenant (s).

9. Complaints regarding the inventory will be accepted until two hours after your arrival. These must be reported to the owner or his representative on site.

10. The house is fully furnished. Only kitchen-, bath- and bed linen should be brought or can be hired locally. There is a double bed of 140 cm width  and two (three) single beds of 90 cm width. The beds may be used only if linen is used.

11. At the end of the rental period, everything ihas to be put back in place, as found at the beginning of the rental period.

12. If the house is not hired after your rental period  you can decide  to extend your vacation period after consulting the owner.

13. The tenant can check-in from 16h on the first day of the rental period, unless otherwise previously agreed with the owner.

The late arrival or early leaving of the house, for any reason, cannot lead to a (partial) refund of the rental amount.

14. Cancellation by the tenant, the already paid deposit and additional costs of cleaning will be refunded.

In case of cancellation between 30 and 15 days before arrival, the tenant is 30% of the reservation amount (this is the total amount of accommodation due for the period booked) payable to the owner.

In case of cancellation between 14 and 2 days before arrival, the tenant is 50% of the amount payable to the owner.

In case of cancellation less than 2 days before arrival, the tenant is 100% of the amount payable to the owner.

15. If the owner is in the impossibility to lease by force majeure, the amounts paid will be refunded. However, no claim can be filed against the owner.

16. Pets are not allowed.

17. The sorting of waste is required, instructions for this are given on the spot. Non compliance of these costs can be deducted from the deposit. The costs of cleaning can be increased, if the house is left in an abnormal state of cleanliness. The washing-up is not part of a regular cleaning; you are expected to do this yourself.

18. The owner accepts no liability for any damage the tenant and / or his fellow residents or their property as a result of his stay in the house.

19. Smoking is not permitted indoors.

20. There is no obligation to purchase. Any purchase of antiques furniture or home accessories, the goods can be taken immediately after full payment, unless otherwise agreed with the owner. Against payment of delivery costs the goods may be brought at the residence of the tenant, there should then be paid an advance amounting to 50% of the purchase price of the goods. At delivery the rest of the amount is to be paid plus delivery costs. The costs are 0.25 € per km of the ride. The goods may, after consultation, be picked up by the buyer at an agreed time, after payment of 50% of the purchase price of the products..The remaining amount is settled upon collection.